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2001 - Médiathèque, Juvisy sur Orge (FR)

2001 - Centre d’Art Contemporain- Istres (FR)


Chlorophytum plants clone naturally. The stolons produced by each mother-plant take root in a network of tubing supplied with water and fertiliser. Each new plant joining the network thereby contributes to the exponential growth of the whole.

potted chlorophytum, plastic curtain, plastic tube , water, fertilizer, grafting putty, wooden structure

265 x 358 x372 cm

vert printemps

Vert printemps

1998 - Galerie Emmanuel Javogue, Paris, (FR)

general view -Galerie E. Javogue, Paris

A floral motif graces a fake window-front, made for the occasion.
As the flowers, originally white, take on the colour of the ink they imbibe, they are poisoned by it – a glorification of their demise.

White flowers, glass, metal,  water and drawing ink, time

2005 - Dedans/Dehors, Château La Caze, lot et Garonne, (FR)


Small cacti set into inflatable armbands float at random, according to whatever chance situation arises.

swimmingpool, small cacti, inflatable armbands, water, sinker.


2004 - Les environnementales,  Tecomah, Jouy en Josas, (FR)
2005 - Maison du Danemark-Paris, Exposition
Forget me not


Spectre is a small pavilion, a folly (1) in the park. It is a place to meditate on the passing of time. From day to day, a rainbow spectrum of colours – just like the spectre of death – appears in an intensely hued blaze of glory.

(1) architectural meaning of the word.

2004, Spectre Pavilion
glass, metal, fresh cut white flowers, water, ink
Spectre Wall
glass, metal, fresh cut white flowers, water, ink

2001 - Atelier + CAC Istres

White flowers are installed at the tips of a 'circuit' of plastic tubes forming a palm-leaf motif.
An air pump forces through a mixture of water and drawing ink to be absorbed by the flowers. The dye kills them.

Air pump, water and drawing ink, plastic, white flowers

Variable dimensions


Le pyromane
1995 - Atelier

The needles on a Christmas tree are all gradually replaced by matchsticks.

Potted Christmas tree, matchsticks, grafting putty

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